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3 Sided Glass General Purpose BLACK series

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 Fume Cupboards are constructed for use in today's demand of modern Laboratories. With its distinctive design of smooth air movement, safety features, durability and inexpensive pricing, no wonder they are the obvious choice for schools, colleges and universities.

 Fume Cupboards are designed in 2 sections to make transportation, handling and installation an easy chore.

 Fume Cupboards are certified by SIRIM QAS international SDN BHD to the reference standard of ANSI / ASHRAE 110-1995 using the method of testing performance of Laboratory Fume Hood 

Report No. 2011MA0597

The Top Section ( Fume Hood ) can be offered in :

  • Complete Hood of Chemical Resistant & Fire-Retardant F.R.P. (Fibre Reinforced Polyster) or Phenolic Resin
  • E.G. (Electro-Galvanised) Steel Oven-Baked in Epoxy for the Outer Skin and the Inner Lining in Chemical Resistant & Fire-Retardant F.R.P. or
  • Outer Skin of E.G. steel and Inner Skin in Polypropylene or Compact Phenolic Resin Board or
  • 3 or 4 Sided Fume Hood Fabricated Out of 6mm Tempered Glass and Secured Together with PVC Brackets and Nylon Screws

Worktop of fume hood can be offered in 
i) Chemical resistant and fire-retardant F.R.P. or 

ii) Compact lab-grade phenolic resin of 18mm thick of 

iii) Epoxy resin top of 19mm thick

Front Facia is of 6.0mm thick tempered glass and balanced is by counterweight held on by stainless steel cables sheathed in P.V.C. tube. These cables run on plastic rollers and needle bearing, giving a very silent operation.

Lighting of the Fume Hood is provided by 2 x 20 watts fluorescent tubes. Explosion proof lighting can be offered on request. Standard features are polypropylene drip cups, water & gas controls, electrical sockets and switches. 

An electronic alarm for monitoring air velocity can be offered on request.

The Lower Section ( Cabinet ) can be offered in :

  • Melamine plywood or H.P.L. (High Pressure Laminate)
  • E.G. Steel Cabinet oven-baked in epoxy

 extraction fan is direct-coupled onto a 1.1KW TEFC, 4 pole induction motor. Fan casing is of Polypropylene and fan impellar is of multi-vane type. Impellar is injection moulded from polyprpylene to resist chemicals. The air speed at the fan outlet is capable to deliver between 5.5m/s & 7.7m/s correct operation of the fume cupboard, taking account of pressure losses in the ventilation network.

Fume cupboard Sizes : 1200mm (4Ft) / 1500mm (5Ft) / 1800mm(6Ft). For Installation dimension, please refer to our technical department.